What Our Travelers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our travelers do the talking!

“This was a great experience and was definitely something that I would do again.  Japan is a great place to explore and using this tour as a guide made it the more enjoyable.’

Norman Ta, Class of 2019

“The Japan trip in three words:  Inspiring, Transformative, Effortless”

Bruce Dake, Ed.D.

“The trip to Japan has been one of the most eventful moments of my life. I will never regret signing up for one of the trips that changed my life. As a group, we collectively learned about the astonishing environment around us, a world much different than our own country. Many people, including me, lack the opportunity to travel internationally. Having this opportunity to travel across the world as well as being able to receive a better understanding of society is breathtaking. Culture was taught, etiquette was taught, and appreciation was taught. Of my many experiences in life, one will never describe the opportunity to travel to Asia with a group of remarkable tour guides as well as tourists. The souvenirs may be preserved, but the memories will always stay.”

Alan Ta, Class of 2019

“This trip was awesome and I had so much fun.  My favorite part was seeing all the Anime.  I hope the Mira Mesa High School travel club goes to Japan for others to enjoy.”

Roberto Pluma, Class of 2019

“Attending the Japan trip was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Learning the Japanese culture as well as making new friends along the way, I’ve had the best time in Japan.”

Serena Ponse, Class of 2019

“The Japan EF tour was one of the most enlightening and enjoyable trips I have taken in my life. This experience is truly a once and a life time experience. Getting to experience a whole new way of life and experiencing authentic Japanese culture was truly one amazing! I would love to go back to Japan especially with EF tours with their amazing guides.”

Tyler Tea, Class of 2020

“This was an amazing opportunity that I am so glad I took! I signed up for this trip on a spontaneous decision back in freshman year not knowing that it would be one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made. The trip turned out to be an amazing experience with so many beautiful sights and sounds and many new foods to try ver agora. We went at the best time of the year, the weather was perfect and the cherry blossoms were all beautiful. I also convinced a bunch of my friends to go on this trip which they all thanked me for later. Each day was a new adventure into a place that I knew very little about. 
Many of my worries were nullified after the first day. I thought that communication would be an issue, as I only knew various phrases and words in Japanese. However, it turned out that many people in Japan were very patient with me and understood my broken Japanese and even the English that I used to fill in the gaps! And our guide Ayumi-San was great too! She was very patient with us and taught me so much that I have never known about Japan before. Along with that, I did some research before I went on certain behaviors and etiquette which I highly recommend as you won’t stand out in a crowd. 
Choosing to see the world was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I am so glad that my first experience was with Ef tours. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as so few schools offer it, and hey, maybe we’ll meet somewhere in Australia in the future.”
Trevor Hoang, Class of 2020