What Our Travelers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our travelers do the talking!

“I had a really great time, EF Tours made me feel safe and the tour was well organized with an awesome tour guide.

This program is definitely a great way to see all the hot spots to see Europe and takes the guess work out of trying to plan a trip on your own

It was great to be able to experience Europe with my family online casino österreich.”

Christian Hight, Class of 2014

“Hi, my name is Samantha Palomino and I was part of the 2014 EF Tours group. Though the trip was only 13 days long, it felt like a month because there was always something to do. It is interesting to travel to different countries and experience their culture first hand. My favorite city was Berlin. It is beautiful, rich in history, and the food was amazing. I never thought I would be able to visit Europe until EF Tours came along. If anyone is able to travel with EF, I highly suggest it. You will travel a country while making new friends and lasting memories.”

Samantha Palomino, Class of 2014