What Our Travelers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our travelers do the talking!

“I had an amazing time on this trip!  Everyone on the trip made it very enjoyable and I felt so safe traveling with so many people.  Our tour guide did an excellent job in showing us where all the best spots were in each city.  I would absolutely recommend going on a trip with EF Tours because they make the most of your money by letting you do so many things in just two weeks!”

Celeste Esparza, Class of 2016

“I completely recommend this to everyone older than a sophomore. It was very insightful, but you definitely have to be mature, I feel, to truly appreciate the history of the places you visit and freedom given to you. I remember my amazing experiences everyday, and it was helpful to write about in my college essays. It is a bit scary to be on your own in a new country, but the teachers and parents on the trip are always looking out for you. Nick, our tour guide, and the other temporary tour guides were very knowledge of the places we saw. All were unforgettably funny, so we had a blast together.

I went knowing no one in the tour group. I think it was exciting to meet new people, and make friendships with roommates. Although at first it was initimidating, there was so much my new friends and I could talk about.

I also registered for the college credit opportunity at Eastern Oregon University. I really liked it because you can choose to write your essay and do your project about anything you like. After finishing the summer class with an A, I submitted my final project to the summer video contest and won a $60 travel kit. Overall, it was the most awesome summer of my life. ”

Anabella Noguera, Class of 2018

“The trip was an opportunity of a lifetime to get to see so many places in a short amount of time.  What I liked the best about the trip was being able to see all these awesome places with the group.”

Veronica Esparza, Parent

“My experience during the trip was wonderful, I was able to try new foods, learn about different cultures, meet amazing people, and even made friends with people I never thought I would become friends with. At the beginning of the trip it’s nerve racking. I felt like an outsider who didn’t belong. But as time passed and I met many new friends it became very enjoyable. This trip had an impact on me as a person and it made me want to travel more and experience all the different cultures out there. If someone asked me if EF tours is worth it, I would say yes and would highly recommend it. If I had the chance to do another trip I would definitely do it all over again. I will remember this trip for a long time!”

Cesar Salas, Class of 2016